why knife & spoon

Knife & Spoon Media was created to address the unique needs of food based clients. We work as your right hand person to execute creative solutions, designed to communicate your brand, with the intention of making your business grow.

Understanding your business is the key to executing our projects. Each account is led by our senior advisors, bringing to the table experiences from an array of backgrounds including restaurant & hospitality management, test kitchen development, web design & development, information architecture, and graphic design.

who we are

Knife & Spoon Media is a Toronto based, boutique food and restaurant marketing agency, delivering meaningful online experiences, paired with engaging real world interactions. Through our experiences with digital platforms, content creation & consumer interactions, we develop and deliver branding and content strategies that are not only sparked by creative insight, but are driven by our passion to share delicious food experiences.

what we do

We offer custom crafted solutions for each client, combining years of culinary training, with an equal number of years in the communications and marketing field. So wether you’re a PR agency looking for content, a restaurant in need of a presence, or a packaged food/beverage looking for a brand to take them to market, Knife & Spoon Media can be of assistance.

why we’re different

Knife & Spoon Media is a creative focused agency with a real understanding of food and service. Our team, led by a chef & test kitchen developer, is able to understand the unique needs of each client. Each project is assigned an appropriate team of creatives to execute the work, allowing clients to meet their budgets.

But most importantly all work is unique to each brand, no cookie cutter designs or sausage factory content.

meet the team

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