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Knife & Spoon Media focuses on three key aspects of food media, starting with the research and development of content creation. Content is put through the creative design process packaging it in a consumer friendly medium.  Finally the delivery of the content through social media & real world connections, followed by engaging & listening to communities, providing clients with the necessary feedback to grow their business.


Knife & Spoon Media develops mouth-watering recipes & content, created with the intention of visually communicating the benefits of your brand. Through our experiences with live action, digital and print platforms, we’re able to deliver content that works across any medium.


Knife & Spoon Media takes food media creation to the next level by packaging it in way that delivers consistent brand messaging through all aspects of the marketing and communication mix. Services include visual identity and brand development, and design for both web, editorial & print production.


Knife & Spoon Media is able to deliver your content through establishing, managing & executing a brand’s social media strategy. These services include social media strategy development, creative campaigns for social media projects, community management & engagement, editorial planning, design & development, and monitoring & analytics.

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