3 Courses of Restaurant Marketing

You’re busy cooking and trying to keep your costs low. You’re busy creating a quality product and providing star-worthy service. Knife & Spoon Media is here as your right hand at the table when it comes to marketing.

Our team has a background in the food service industry; from QSR’s right through to wholesale bakeries, large scale catering and fine dining restaurants. We understand your unique hours, respect your busy times and appreciate the hard work you put in 14 to 18 hours a day. Allow us to give you a hand when it comes to presenting your brand to the world.

By establishing your brand and story, Knife & Spoon Media is able to accurately design the look and feel of every media your guests experience. Once they’re in the door, we monitor and report back with their feedback found on blogs, social media platforms and review sites.


Planning a new restaurant or re-branding an existing location? Knife & Spoon Media is prepared to listen, learn & assist you in executing your visions, by helping you find your story an identity. With over 10 years in the food service sector, you have a partner that understands the ins & outs of the restaurant world, guiding the entire creative process.


The first engagement with a guest is often your website. Knife & Spoon Media considers the behaviours of these guests, when it comes to creating a site that is not only fast, but easy to enjoy and explore. Our services also include complete hosting & maintenance, meaning your site is baked up and monitored 24 hours a day.


With all the social media platforms available these days, it can be tough to keep up to date on feedback & reviews from guests. Knife & Spoon Media uses key listening tools to see where this conversation is happening, identify who is speaking and engages where necessary. This allows you to stay on top of complaints, praise and the reputation of your work.


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