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It’s no secret to those who know us, we love coffee. We love going for coffee, smelling coffee, drinking coffee and hell even eating coffee. Over the next few weeks be prepared to start learning about some of the new exciting beans a team member brought back to us from Central America.

But for now we’d like to pause and take a moment to admire the beauty of this automatic pour-over brewer…

It’s beautiful, isn’t it. While we enjoy the process ritual of brewing a hot carafe of Chemex, sometimes it would be nice to just let a gorgeous, intelligently designed machine take car of the work. Enter, Ratio. Designed and made in Portland, this piece of art is set to ship this summer. With a $480 price tag, we’d be surprised if the office didn’t have one by Christmas.

Be sure to check out Ratio and an few other big, beautiful brewers over at Bon Appetit.


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Big Beautiful Brewers
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