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#GetBaked- Making Bread

Earlier this year, I was asked to join a new web series of Hangouts called Get Baked, for an episode that was all about bread. I love bread. It’s why I travelled to Sweden in the first place. So naturally I was excited to share my tips on making the perfect loaf.


Big Beautiful Brewers

It’s no secret to those who know us, we love coffee. We love going for coffee, smelling coffee, drinking coffee and hell even eating coffee. Over the next few weeks be prepared to start learning about some of the new exciting beans a team member brought back to us from Central America.



enator Nancy Ruth brings up an extremely valid point, no one should have to suffer through boring, frigid, un-spreadable camembert. For those of you who don’t partake in the jet setting, global life style, and are not familiar with the world of cheese, camembert and other bloomy rind cheeses benefit greatly from being left out at […]

Finally, the tired CRFA show has made the move to become a little more attractive to the young, talented industry that employs +1.2 million Canadians. This year was the first show under the new Restaurants Canada [RC] brand. In the ten years since I began attending the annual show, this truly is the first year where I didn’t […]

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